Hospitality Safety

Wireless Panic Button Solution for Hotel Workers.

Providing a safe environment for your hotel staff has never been easier with the Kinetic Global Panic Button solution. Trusted by leading hotel brands, Kinetic is your trusted partner in effective hotel security law compliance. Easy to use, easy to train, easy to respond, it’s never been easier to quickly deploy Panic Button Technology to all your hotel workers and housekeepers.

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Protecting 20,000+ employees worldwide

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Hyatt Hotels Globally

"There are a number of "solutions" which ride exclusively on property WiFi systems. We found, and saw using applications, the disruption and burden this placed in WiFi signals. Further WiFi access points confuse and prevent room-level accuracy. Lastly, what if WiFi goes down? We know it dies. What’s the backup?"

ERIK ANTONS VP Global Security, Hyatt Hotels Co.


Innovative Technology

Kinetic Global has technology that is specifically designed for any size, multi-building, and large footprint facilities. Kinetic Global can pinpoint an alert any place, on any floor within several feet. Since Kinetic only tracks employee locations upon a triggered alert, employee privacy on the job is assured unless there is a threat. Once alerted, an exact location will be transmitted to security and safety personnel.

  • LTE Connectivity

  • Satellite Positioning

  • Bluetooth Radio

  • 5G Ready

Securing over 700 properties across the globe as the exclusive vendor for Hyatt Hotels

24/7 GSOC

Global Security Operation Center (GSOC)

Kinetic Global is the only solution that owns and operates its own 24/7 Global Operation Center (GSOC) for Hospitality Safety.


Go Wireless & Go Faster

Standalone LTE

No WiFi Required

Same Day Deployment

No Hard Wiring or Cables

Qi Wireless Charging

Panic Button

Employee Safety Devices (ESD)

Kinetic Global’s stand-alone panic alert device is built to last with the latest technology. Its fully rechargeable and durable outer shell is made to withstand hard daily use. Whether it’s worn on a lanyard, clipped onto a belt or in a pocket, your staff is just a single touch away from alerting your security personnel to assist them. Whether it’s harassment, a disgruntled or abusive customer, or physical threat, Kinetic puts the confidence of safety back into your employees’ hands.


Non-toxic, silicone enclosure


Water and shock resistant


Operating temperature range of -22°F to 131°F

10,000+ devices deployed worldwide

10,000+ devices deployed worldwide

"We want to ensure that our employees are safe, without compromising their privacy and that we have full awareness of situations that are happening outside the walls of our hotel properties as quickly as possible..."

Mark Sanna VP of Global Security Hyatt Hotels Co.

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