Reduce Cognitive Overload.

The value of a single pane of glass in

your Critical Event Management System

We are experiencing first-hand an overwhelming threat landscape.

What was valid yesterday is no longer valid today.

Decision-making happens without all the information we wish we had…

    • Where is everyone?
    • What is the nature of the risk?
    • Who and what else is impacted?

Threats have become even more dynamic and multi-dimensional.

It’s no wonder that security and operations professionals feel like every day is spent “firefighting.”

Critical Event Management system

The shift to remote and hybrid work models, a divisive political climate, a land war in Europe, supply chain disruption, a weird economic recession (of sorts), rapidly changing rules of the road, and a general feeling of sensory overload are creating feelings of overwhelming complexity.

In Critical Event Management, complexity is dangerous.

Security staff is already operating under high levels of uncertainty because decisions are made with imperfect information that is changing rapidly. Simplifying Critical Event Management starts by reducing complexity. This can only happen by centralizing information in a single portal devoid of silos.

Centralizing information in one Critical Event Management system changes everything.

Firefighting becomes the exception. With everyone operating from the same data and the same information, insight and action is understood by everyone because everyone operates with the same data.  With a single CEM platform you can anticipate, plan, and collaborate FASTER with less cognitive overload.

Make a change today!

TODAY is perhaps the best opportunity to make a case for unified Critical Event Management. With Kinetic Global, your critical event management challenges can be fixed – usually in 120 days – with the following performance guarantees:


Threat data delivered (the platform instantly scours all global data sources, filters it, optimizes it, prioritizes it, and then delivers it) within 10-15 seconds.


SOC operations efficiency improved by 80% with the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Minimize the hands-on steps required to anticipate, monitor, communicate and respond to threats.


Achieve cost savings of 15-25% when deploying Kinetic Global (compared to other CEM platforms).