Why do you need a Critical Event Management software platform?

To protect the welfare of your employees and assets.

Threats to your employees are becoming more complex and unpredictable.

With better and faster intelligence, you can assess risk and prevent threats from harming your employees or disrupting your operations.

Kinetic Global’s Critical Event Management software platform includes all the critical modules you need to protect your employees:

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All of the functions of the Kinetic Global Critical Event Management software platform are available in a single portal – and all the information you need to make decisions is available in a single pane of glass. With Kinetic Global:

  • Make smarter, data-driven decisions from a single pane of glass – all the information you need is available in one place
  • Protect your people, your brand, and your reputation
  • Workflow and collaboration ensure consistent duty of care practices are applied worldwide
  • Automate emergency notifications globally
  • Combine real-time monitoring, geo-location, and active risk/threat feeds with always-on access to 24/7 medical and security personnel to advise you and your travelers worldwide.

Duty of care is front-and-center with Kinetic Global.

Critical Event Management is more than just reacting quickly when events unfold. In fact, the incident response should be the ONLY reactive piece of a sound Critical Event Management program. Everything else (monitoring, threat analysis, training, and more) is part of sound planning and implementation. The responsibility for the well-being and safety of your personnel falls squarely on your shoulders.

Let us show you how to protect the welfare of your employees and assets. 

Make a switch to Kinetic Global’s Critical Event Management Software Platform today!

TODAY is perhaps the best opportunity to make a case for unified Critical Event Management. With Kinetic Global, your critical event management challenges can be fixed – usually in 120 days – with the following performance guarantees:


Threat data delivered (the platform instantly scours all global data sources, filters it, optimizes it, prioritizes it, and then delivers it) within 10-15 seconds.


SOC operations efficiency improved by 80% with the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Minimize the hands-on steps required to anticipate, monitor, communicate and respond to threats.


Achieve cost savings of 15-25% when deploying Kinetic Global (compared to other CEM platforms).