The role of Artificial Intelligence in Critical Event Management

Critical Event Management (“CEM”) software platforms – also known as CEM Command Centers – support physical and travel security operations. With hybrid work, the rationale for CEM was to protect employees and keep the business running – even during periods of unrest or crisis.

Make Decisions Faster – Reduce Signal-to-Noise Ratio
The Kinetic Global Critical Management Event platform increases SOC operations efficiency by 80% with the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence – minimizing the hands-on steps required to anticipate, monitor, communicate and respond to threats.

BiLateral Communications Enabled by Artificial Intelligence
Within the EMNS, CSOs and SOC admins can monitor the responses from their employees establishing bilateral communication to execute necessary actions based on the type of threat exposure. Kinetic Global is the only worldwide platform that has developed a machine learning and an AI engine that unifies all SOC operations. The platform instantly scours all global data sources, discerning that data, optimizing it to the customer’s specific location, prioritizing it, and then delivering it – all within 10-15 seconds.

Artificial Intelligence in Critical Event Management (CEM)

Managing Massive Data Volume

The sheer volume of threat data is – by itself – a threat. Cognitive overload slows decision making.


Kinetic Global is the only worldwide Critical Event Management platform that uses machine learning and an AI engine to unify GSOC operations. To reduce the signal-to-noise ratio, the platform instantly scours all global sources of threat data, evaluates that data, filters it, categorizes it, then optimizes it to the customer’s specific location, prioritizes it, and then delivers it – all within 10-15 seconds.


Without the ability to process that data quickly and efficiency, organizations can quickly get overwhelmed and lost. This is why Artificial Intelligence is such an important part of effective Critical Event Management. It helps organizations better understand – AND PREDICT – the impact of an evolving threat on their people and assets.


AI also helps people better understand critical events. By quickly filtering data and presenting only the most important pieces of data, human analysts can process information faster, reduce disruptions, and share insights quickly. The marriage of human insight and AI processing power makes early detection a reality.

Understanding Kinetic Global’s Artificial Intelligence Capabilities and Benefits:


Competitive CEM solutions provide standard visualization of events as pins on a map. With Kinetic Global, different threats have different geofences, so each type of threat – such as a riot or a bomb threat – is treated differently on the map and also treated differently by SecOps.


Automation improves response time and reduces error.


Everything connects to everything and silos go away.  With Open APIs, the system is flexible to grow and expand as new data sources are added or removed. Older CEM systems usually have a closed architecture, making it difficult for integrations, to add data, or connect to external data feed APIs.


The cloud is faster, smarter, more accessible, more cost-effective, and redundant. A modern cloud architecture makes everything else possible.


Did we mention redundancy? Did we mention redundancy?


Kinetic Global enables the rapid distribution of critical event information across any and all messaging platforms – depending on how they are used. For example, the SecOps team might use Slack to communicate with building security, email to distributed employees, SMS for remote employees, and MSTeams + voice mail for everyone else.


Multiple systems and multiple silos slow decision-making. With data in one place, everyone works from the same place. Kinetic Global allows multiple and disparate pieces of data or intelligence to be wrapped up and consolidated into one “event.” Other platforms are unable to consolidate multiple points of data or sources of intelligence – which creates additional work and often causes confusion for all concerned.

Communication and Crisis Response

Next-generation CEM platforms enable the rapid dissemination of critical event information.

Like ripples from a stone thrown into a still pond, circles of communication include the GSOC team itself, the broader security team, security leadership, executive leadership, and finally all impacted employees.

Communication methods depend on the message. GSOC might use Slack and all impacted employees would be messaged via EMNS.

Kinetic Global also provides SOPs that define responses based on individual events. 

Kinetic Global’s CEM platform is the technology centerpiece for any organization that wants to keep its employees safe – at home, on the road, on-site, or in the field.

When an emergency happens, Kinetic Global gives your SecOps team the ability to rapidly anticipate, monitor, communicate, respond, and protect your people. Given the growing uncertainties, now is the time to become better prepared.


Make a change today! TODAY is perhaps the best opportunity to make a case for unified Critical Event Management. With Kinetic Global, your critical event management challenges can be fixed – usually in 120 days – with the following performance guarantees:


Threat data delivered (the platform instantly scours all global data sources, filters it, optimizes it, prioritizes it, and then delivers it) within 10-15 seconds.


SOC operations efficiency improved by 80% with the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Minimize the hands-on steps required to anticipate, monitor, communicate and respond to threats.


Achieve cost savings of 15-25% when deploying Kinetic Global (compared to other CEM platforms).