The Evolving Corporate Role of Duty of Care 

Fulfilling your social contract to employee safety 

Who “Owns” Duty of Care?

Does your company have a person or persons dedicated to providing duty of care?

Larger companies often have specific employee safety positions, although it varies between organizations. These positions often include Global Security, Risk Management, Emergency Preparedness, EHS (employee health and safety), and BC/DR (business continuity and disaster recovery). However, every person in a management position should keep duty of care in mind.

Every company must anticipate, monitor, communicate, and respond regarding safety and security. Even in a work environment where employees are dispersed, such as working from home, and can no longer be protected as they were by a security guard at the office, the same four pillars apply.

Kinetic Global’s Critical Event Management and Duty of Care platform leverages every technological advantage cooperatively so that businesses and people are secure wherever they are. 

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