Understand when personnel and assets are in harm’s way.

Allowing companies to make informed decisions that actively protect these elements.

Kinetic Global’s Active Triangulation is a game changer for businesses – it empowers employees to play a part in their own safety, by sharing concerns and other important information directly with your GSOC operations.

How does Kinetic Global’s Active Triangulation compare to Everbridge, Onsolve, or AlertMedia?

Kinetic Global is a force multiplier – allowing you to make informed decisions to proactively move your assets out of problem areas. With an always-on reverse geocode connection, your employees are always linked to the three closest 911 services (or global equivalent), the three closest medical facilities, and Kinetic Global’s medical first responders in the GSOC.

Users can anonymously report suspicious activity in real time, and user reports are collected into a Live Map / Active Triangulation to help your Security Personnel or Kinetic’s staff determine areas of risk and act to mitigate that risk and prevent incidents before they occur.

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