Enterprise-Grade Critical Event Management Platform provider releases a single interface for the management of all threats

October 13, 2022 – Chicago – Kinetic Global –  the leading provider of enterprise Critical Event Management services for global organizations – today announced the availability of the early access program for its Incident Manager module – an advanced planning module for the Kinetic Global Critical Event Management (CEM) platform, enabling efficient management of emerging and significant threats to the safety of an organization’s people and physical assets.

Incident Manager brings together all of the functions of the Kinetic Global platform, Threat Intelligence, Emergency Mass Notifications, Personal Safety, and Travel Risk Management into a single interface. Incident Manager provides organizations the ability to:

  • Define a plan of action in advance of specific threat events
  • Automatically execute that plan when a threat is identified
  • Track and audit the execution of steps within that plan of action
  • Generate reports on historical incidents for post-action analysis to identify process improvements

Incident Manager – The Value of a Single Pane of Glass in Critical Event Management

In Critical Event Management, complexity is dangerous.

Security staff is already operating under high levels of uncertainty because decisions are made with imperfect information that is changing rapidly.

According to Peter Cahill, CEO and Founder of Kinetic Global, “Incident Manager” provides a unified means of communicating messages and instructions to SOC staff in a clear, consistent, and easily understood manner so that the important can be distinguished from the trivial. Noise is separated from the important signals using AI.”

Centralizing information in one place changes everything.  Simplifying Critical Event Management starts by reducing complexity. The platform instantly scours all global sources of threat data, evaluates it, filters it, categorizes it, optimizes it to your specific location, and then delivers it within 10-15 seconds. Accelerated decision-making must be supported by artificial intelligence. Kinetic Global is the only Critical Event Management platform that uses machine learning and an AI engine to unify and accelerate GSOC decision-making operations.

“With the new Incident Manager, firefighting becomes the exception,” said Jay Peterson, Kinetic Global’s CTO. “With everyone operating from the same data and the same information, insight and action is understood by everyone because everyone operates with the same data.  With Incident Manager, you can anticipate, plan, and collaborate FASTER with less cognitive overload.”

To participate in the Early Access Program for the Incident Manager, please contact us.


With operations in 175 countries, Kinetic Global offers the only truly enterprise-grade, fully integrated Critical Event Management (CEM) platform that helps organizations anticipate, monitor, communicate, respond, and protect employees – before, during, AND after a crisis incident happens.