by Peter Cahill, Founder & CEO, Kinetic Global

After facing two-year disruption due to the pandemic, hospitality organizations are resuming progress toward furthering workplace safety. The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) and its membership of major hotel brands joined together in 2018 with a commitment to safer working conditions for employees through their 5-Star Promise initiative. This pledge provides resources such as employee safety devices (ESD) and additional training while creating an environment where teams can work safely across all U.S hotels regardless of industry risks they may face on any given day – ultimately benefiting both staff members and Hoteliers!

Despite the struggles faced by the hospitality industry in 2020, 2021, and early 2022 due to Covid-19, there is now light at the end of the tunnel. Nearly 20,000 hotel properties across 60+ brands responded swiftly to new safety expectations set forth with 5-Star Promise last year – a feat made all more challenging as travel demand plummeted during pandemic times. The good news is- occupancy rates have now recovered from 57% in 2021 back up to 63% in 2022, nearly eclipsing pre-pandemic levels experienced 2018/2019 of 66%. A sign that full recovery is imminent.

Intending to enhance safety for hotel staff members, 20,000 hotels in 2023 will be selecting a panic solution and completing its installation over the next two years. This is no small undertaking; as each month there are more than 800 establishments that need to choose partners capable of providing timely setup services, as well as customizable solutions with ongoing support. For Hoteliers to succeed, potential partners must have an extensive background in security along with access to strong infrastructure resources to support leading-edge technology.

Thoughts To Consider for Hotel Worker Safety

When installing new technology, hoteliers must ensure adequate preparation by considering a few key elements. Will the platform offer easy integration and integration with existing systems to create an optimized operational stack? Is training smooth or challenging? How long will it take to complete the installation? Is there a need for manual updates or upgrades in the future? Does the provider have responsive support personnel on standby should any issues arise during the use of their solutions – backed up by successful partnerships they’ve created together over time- and how dependent is said solution upon WiFi connection if at all?

Kinetic Global provides the most comprehensive portfolio available, delivering unparalleled coverage for over 700 unique hotel properties and governmental institutions across 47 countries – 50% more than any other provider. As an Avendra-approved vendor and a Preferred Supplier of Panic Button Solutions to Hyatt Corporate, we are the industry leader in Critical Event Management Platforms trusted by major organizations around the globe. Backed by extensive security expertise, our panic solution delivers seamless compliance with changing legislation, while offering robust features that can be easily added or removed so the solution can go to work for you- the days of overbuying or over-engineering are over.

Hotel Panic Button Solutions: Integrations and Installations: What Should You Expect?

For each installation, we employ a team of 1-3 dedicated system engineers, depending on the size and scale of each property. Each installer can effectively work through up to 143 rooms per day, ensuring the swift deployment of beacons across both big and small hotel properties. Beyond the installation itself, our best-in-class platform is a fully integrated safety solution that works both on and off property, using precise GPS coordinates. Kinetic Global Panic Button Solutions offers multiple features to make sure that any panic situation is managed quickly and effectively. Thanks to room-level accuracy and floor-level accuracy, emergencies can be located precisely to take automatic corrective action. The configurable device allows for either a self-service install or a Kinetic Global install service, depending on what works best for each organization. The command dashboard suite allows for instant notifications to be sent via SMS or email, and admins can have access to privileges if required. In addition, there is an SLA Failover that automatically takes over in case of an emergency. Our proprietary beacon management monitors activity related to users’ presence and allows data tracking. Finally, the usage metrics and key performance indicators allow owners to access analytics as well as get status updates through the device health dashboard with exception notifications as needed. All this makes Kinetic Global Panic Button Solution Functionality perfect for keeping organizations safe in any kind of emergency. Simply stated, the Kinetic Global panic solution is far more than a point solution; it represents a network that not only ensures employee safety but also provides business continuity.

Hotel Panic Button Solutions: Proven Relationships & Industry Partnerships


Kinetic Global is proud to have partnered with renowned hotel brand Hyatt, introducing them in 2016 as an early adopter of our innovative panic solution. It was this partnership that drove us to modify our existing indoor solution for governmental institutions and craft prototypes over two years. In fact, in 2016, we introduced the concept of panic solutions to Mark Sanna, at the time, VP of Global Security at Hyatt. To Hyatt’s credit, they embraced the solution as an early adopter and Kinetic Global modified its current indoor solution for governmental institutions and spent the next two years working on prototypes. In early 2018 Kinetic Global became the first commercial company to introduce a panic solution for the hospitality industry. “There are several solutions that ride exclusively on property WiFi systems. We found and saw the disruption and burden this placed on the WiFi signals. Further WiFi access points confuse and prevent room-level accuracy. Lastly, what if WiFi goes down? We know it dies. What’s the backup?” Mark Sanna, VP of Global security. In 2018 we became pioneers by becoming the first company ever to introduce a similar platform specifically tailored toward hospitality organizations – revolutionizing safety measures for businesses around the world!


Kinetic Global is the leading provider of Hotel Panic Button Solutions in the US, dwarfing competitors with over 700 unique hotel properties and governmental institutions deployed, across 47 countries. Kinetic Global was the first commercially available hotel panic solution and is an approved provider for Avendra, North America’s leading procurement services company serving the hospitality industry. This partnership brings hoteliers preferred pricing and expert advisory services in both technology and security with access to Kinetic Global’s comprehensive security expertise. Additionally, this provides Avendra’s leveraged purchasing power totaling $3 billion in annual contracts to help facilitate pre-approved contracts, so the deployment of panic solutions is made easy. Through this valuable partnership, hoteliers have two trusted partners on their side that can help increase safety and performance while decreasing costs.


Luxury brand Terranea Resort entrusts the safety and security of its employees and guests to Kinetic Global. As Los Angeles’ premier 102-acre oceanfront resort, “Terranea conducted a comprehensive assessment of emerging technologies to further enhance associate safety. This comparative analysis examined competing options, with an emphasis on finding the tool best suited to an expansive coastal resort like Terranea. The Kinetic Global solution uses the most advanced technology on the market. Terranea’s installation of the system is the most extensive to date in California,” said Terri A. Haack, President of Terranea, a Coral Tree Hospitality Property.

Panic Button Solutions: Exclusive Features

Kinetic Global Panic Button Solutions offers several exclusive features to help ensure the safety of hotels worldwide. Utilizing a Standalone LTE Network, 24/7 Global Security Operations Center, and dispatching 911 when necessary give you and your team the peace of mind that no matter where you are or what the situation is help is always just one button away. Thanks to real-time monitoring technology and a unique location algorithm, Kinetic Global allows for a 100% wireless solution without depending on any WiFi that can burden your infrastructure. Further customizability includes branding options, custom emergency contacts, and an open platform to solve as legislation and standards change. All this while offering a two-year warranty to back it up – that’s how confident we are!

Beyond The Curtain

Kinetic Global’s Panic Button Solution Technology Stack offers a comprehensive suite of technology to ensure a secure and panic-safe environment. Our platform technology, which includes AWS and a standalone LTE network coupled with Ultra Wide Band and satellite positioning, allows us to provide comprehensive tracking and third-party integration via API, SDK, or webhook. Furthermore, utilizing a secure UUID for the accurate identification of devices makes our technology stack even more robust. On the device side, we can target ranges up to 25m (+4dBm), track positions at one-second updates as well as utilize clickable buttons when necessary. Enabled by radio LTE-M, the battery provides an energy source of Qi Wireless charging Battery (CR2032) with an advertising interval of 250ms. With safety in mind, Kinetic is highly resilient as it is both water resistant and shockproof within an operating temperature range from -22°F to 131°F. To ensure that data is shared securely and reliably both inside and outside our virtual private cloud network, we have integrated features such as secure encryption for communication privacy, redundancy for heightened high availability along with activity audit logging capabilities; all bolstered by multi-factor authentication mechanisms providing an additional layer of security against threats.

With the hospitality industry’s focus on safety and security intensifying, Kinetic Global is an ally Hoteliers can count on. We recognize these solutions may present unfamiliar territory for hoteliers which is why our dedicated team provides an education-first ethos- so you’re informed, not overwhelmed. Our focus on education first goes beyond helping you meet legislative demands for panic solutions – we provide essential installation guidance plus reliable ongoing support for those technologies over time so an ROI can be met, not just a cap x expenditure. Working in partnership with our clients ensures they remain ahead of a continuously changing landscape.